Life Lately #2

~ I’ve been planning a monthly Girls’ Brunch for a few girl friends and I for about a year now. It’s nice to get together and catch up in between the normal hustle and bustle of life! There is an abundance of places that serve brunch in Salt Lake City, and we are usually able to try a new place every month. I’ll be starting a new series of posts called Girls’ Brunch soon, beginning with our upcoming Chinese New Year celebration of dim sum!

~ I’ve recently introduced the Alien franchise to Mr. Munchimunch. The only movies he’s ever watched of the series were Alien vs Predator and Prometheus. So far, we’ve watched Alien, Aliens, Alien 3, and Alien: Resurrection. Next up will be Alien vs Predator, Aliens vs Predator: Requiem, and Prometheus. (If I had a choice, we would have skipped Resurrection and maybe the AvPs. Maybe we’ll continue with the Predator series next?) We can’t wait for Alien: Covenant! This series is such a classic and I’m so glad to be able to share this with him.

~ As a present to my mom, I’ve been sorting through baby girl’s photos and videos and compiling the best of the bunch to send over to her. I’ve only been able to get through her first year so far. It’s so amazing to see how much she’s grown and how many milestones she’s surpassed since birth. I may be bias, but she is such a cute and fun child! My heart wants to burst with all the love I feel for this little one of mine…

~ The company I work for is planning a masquerade party for our annual Chinese New Year event. How exciting! I’m not sure of the dress code, but I totally want to splurge on an exquisite ballgown with a fancy lace masquerade mask! hehe

~ We’ve been watching HBO’s Westworld. It’s such an intriguing show with a unique storyline. We only have one more episode left to watch of the first season. How are they going to finish the season and tie up all the loose ends in one episode?! Second season can’t start soon enough! We may have to find the original movies to watch in the meanwhile. Are you currently or have you already watched Westworld? Who is your favorite character?